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1. Get started

Start by watching a short video. Then read the cartoon, quote and key principles. They introduce the main ideas covered in this module. Discuss these as a group. The learning outcomes describe what you’ll achieve once you’ve completed the six steps.

The valued role of support staff in an inclusive school

Module 2 Cartoon
Having clear guidelines about confidentiality, communication, advocacy and safety supports teachers and teacher aides to work together professionally and respect the privacy of students, families/whānau and colleagues.

— Principal


Key principles

  • Teachers and teacher aides have professional roles and responsibilities.
  • Working collaboratively in a professional relationship requires teachers and teacher aides to identify the ways they are connected to others, both at school and in the wider community. While these connections provide opportunities to promote student learning, they can also place conflicting demands on their roles as professionals.
  • Relationships between teachers, teacher aides, students and others in the school community are strengthened by clear guidelines and communication about confidentiality, advocacy and safety.
  • Meeting regularly provides opportunities for teachers and teacher aides to identify and discuss the successes and challenges of their personal and professional roles.

Learning outcomes

This module is intended to support teachers and teacher aides to achieve four aims:

  1. Develop awareness that people are connected in many different ways, creating both benefits and challenges for their professional roles.
  2. Identify and discuss the opportunities and challenges of those connections.
  3. Choose one challenge or situation in their work relating to confidentiality, safety or advocacy, identify strategies and develop an approach to address it. Trial this approach.
  4. Discuss how the new approach is working and make any necessary changes.