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3. Choose an activity

Choose one or two activities to do in pairs or small groups. Follow the links for each activity’s instructions, worksheets and resources. Activity sheets are in Google Docs format. You can download them in Word, print them or save them to your own Google Drive for working online.

1. Keeping safe in your work

In this activity, you will discover ways that the supports, practices and systems within a school can keep teacher aides safe. You will relate the examples to your school and your work.

Activity Sheets

2. Discussing scenarios about respecting students

In this activity, you will talk about scenarios for supporting students. Some of the scenarios highlight effective practice for respectfully supporting students, and some highlight less effective practice. You will discuss ways that practice could be improved.

Activity Sheets
Module 3 Csp1705

3. What Kapanui School did

In this activity, you will read about Kapanui School, a full primary school in Waikanae, north of Wellington. Kapanui School had a fundamental rethink about how its teacher aides worked with students with complex needs. You will discuss how you support students with complex needs in your school.

Activity Sheets

4. Exploring students’ rights

In this activity, you will read a handout about students’ rights. The handout has quotes from the Education Act 1989, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People and the Code of Health and Disability Consumer Rights. You will discuss how your work supports disabled people’s presence, participation and learning at your school.

Activity Sheets
Module 3 Csp0801
Module 3 Csp0572

5. Supporting communication

In this activity, you will look at Tom’s communication passport to see some of the ways a student can communicate and how to educate others about this. You will discuss how the students you work with communicate and whether more could be done to help others understand them.

Activity Sheets

6. Exploring online resources about effective teacher aide practice

In this activity, you will explore a section of the guide Supporting effective teacher aide practice on Inclusive Education. This part of the guide presents ideas for asking students how they want to be supported by a teacher aide.

Activity Sheets