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4. Plan for practice

It’s time to plan how you will put your learning into practice.

Try one of these suggestions in your together work over the next few weeks.

Suggestions for practice

  • If you support a student who requires physical or personal care or who has high communication needs, locate any specific plans for the student (for example, their Individual Education Plan (IEP), health-care plan or moving and handling plan) and any relevant school policies or guidelines. Read the information and discuss any questions with your colleagues. Consider whether any follow-up is required, such as contacting a specialist for training.
  • In Activity 2, you read and discussed some scenarios. Revisit your ideas about how support could be improved. Decide on a new way of interacting or a change you could make that shows your respect for your students. Trial your new way of interacting over the next two or three weeks.
  • In activities 1, 3, 5 and 7 you were prompted to talk to a member of the school’s leadership team if you have questions to raise. Consider what you learned and what you might do differently as a result.
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