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3. Choose an activity

Choose one or two activities to do in pairs or small groups. Follow the links for each activity’s instructions, worksheets and resources. Activity sheets are in Google Docs format. You can download them in Word, print them or save them to your own Google Drive for working online.

1. Presume competence

In this activity, you will read and discuss a short article about how our beliefs about people can get in the way of seeing them as they really are. The author, Kathie Snow, is a parent of a child with a disability and is a disability rights advocate.

Activity Sheets

2. Do you see me?

In this activity, you will read a poem written from the perspective of a student with a disability. You will discuss how we can learn about our students and look past their disabilities.

Activity Sheets
Module 4 Csp1065

3. In My Language – a short film

In this activity, you will watch a short film about a woman named Amanda. You will discuss your reaction to the film.

Activity Sheets

4. Walking in a student’s shoes for a day

In this activity, you will write a diary for a typical day for a student in your class who needs additional support. You will compare this to a typical day for their peers.

Activity Sheets
Module 4 Csp1790
Module 4 Csp0657

5. Personal stories: Students’ perceptions about disability and inclusion

This activity is designed to generate further discussion about viewing all students who are blind, deafblind or have low vision as capable and competent.

Activity Sheets

6. Exploring online resources about effective practice

In this activity, you will explore a section of the guide Developing an inclusive classroom culture on Inclusive Education. You will consider ideas about having high expectations for all learners and celebrating successes.

Activity Sheets