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4. Plan for practice

It’s time to plan how you will put your learning into practice.

Try one of these suggestions in your work together over the next few weeks. 

Suggestions for practice

  • Talk about the vision, principles, values, key competencies and learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum. How are these reflected in your school’s curriculum?
  • Talk about how the principles of Universal Design for Learning were demonstrated in the design of a particular learning experience. How did the teacher design the classroom curriculum to involve all the students in the learning? How did the students respond to having multiple ways of accessing the content, engaging in the learning, and expressing themselves? For more information and examples of UDL in practice, visit the UDL Guide on the Inclusive Education website.
  • Talk about how the classroom curriculum is adapted or differentiated for a student you work with. For further information and examples of how the school or classroom curriculum can be shaped to fit the student, visit the page about differentiation and adaptation in the online resource Inclusive Practice and the School Curriculum.
  • If you completed activities 1 and 2, observe the key competencies in your work with students. Take a blank copy of the mindmap from Activity 2. Select a student and observe them across a range of settings over a few weeks. Record how you see the key competencies in the student’s learning.
  • Talk about the information sheet What does an inclusive school look like? Refer to the ‘learning and achievement’ section on p. 3. Talk about each bullet point in relation to your classroom practice.
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