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3. Choose an activity

Choose one or two activities to do in pairs or small groups. Follow the links for each activity’s instructions, worksheets and resources. Activity sheets are in Google Docs format. You can download them in Word, print them or save them to your own Google Drive for working online.

1. Supporting peer relationships

In this activity, read examples about supporting peer relationships. Discuss and record how you help students to connect with and learn from each other in your school or class.

Activity Sheets

2. Sharing your mihi

In this activity, learn and share your mihi. You might need help from others in your community or go online to: Mihimihi: Tikanga Māori.

Activity Sheets
Module 8 Csp1197

3. Building students’ connections throughout the day

Review your school timetable and discuss strategies and opportunities for fostering friendships and peer-to-peer learning throughout the school day. This activity works best when it is done by teachers and teacher aides who regularly work together. 

Activity Sheets

4. Discussing scenarios about fostering a sense of belonging

In this activity, talk about examples where schools have fostered students’ sense of belonging and then discuss your own examples. 

Activity Sheets
Module 8 Csp1202
Module 8 Csp1651

5. Exploring online resources about effective teacher aide practice

In this activity, explore a section of the guide Supporting effective teacher aide practice from Inclusive Education. It covers content about how teacher aides can support student interactions and friendships.

Activity Sheets