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6. Talk about how it went

Meet to talk about how the strategy from Step 4 went. Discuss and plan how you might adapt or modify your practice.

Questions to guide reflection

  • What did we try?
  • What happened when we did this? How did the students respond to the strategy? How did the adults experience and respond to the strategy?
  • How might we change our practice next time?
  • What have we learned about how teachers and teacher aides can impact peer-to-peer learning and students’ friendships?
  • To what extent is our work enhancing relationships in the classroom?
  • What are we going to do next to foster peer relationships and a sense of belonging in our class?
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Next steps

When thinking about what you might do next, consider the other topics in this series:

  • Teachers and Teacher Aides: Who Does What?
  • Keeping Our Work Confidential, Professional and Safe
  • Supporting Students with Complex Needs
  • What Do We Think about Disability and Diversity?
  • Identifying Students’ Strengths
  • Students Participating in their Individual Education Plans (IEP)
  • Understanding the New Zealand Curriculum
  • Creating Inclusive Classrooms
  • Supporting Student Learning in the Whole Class
  • Teacher Aide Interaction that Supports Student Learning
  • Being an Effective Reader-Writer

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