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About this resource

Teachers and Teacher Aides Working Together – a professional development resource for schools – is a series of modules for teachers and teacher aides. It aims to support those who work together to learn together.

About the modules


Each module is a ‘ready-to-use’ pack with a presentation, workbook and activities so learning can be put into practice.

E Learn

Some modules include self-paced e-learning. These interactive and engaging courses can be done individually or in small groups, and can be used in workshops.

Different Formats

The module materials come in different formats to allow choice about how you learn.

Before getting started with this module


If you are leading the learning, refer to the Facilitator Quick Guide and gather any additional materials needed to complete the activities.

E Workbook

This e-workbook gives an enhanced online reading experience. It has embedded videos and links to activity sheets in Google Docs format that you can print, download as Word documents or copy to your own Google Drive for working online.


For a printable alternative, you can download a PDF workbook from the Module 9 page of the Teachers and Teacher Aides Working Together site.

Understanding the module steps

Each module follows an inquiry cycle. This e-workbook has a section for each step in the cycle.