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Start by watching a short video. Then read the cartoons, quotes and key principles. They introduce the main ideas covered in this module. Discuss these as a group. The learning outcomes describe what you’ll achieve once you’ve completed the six steps.

Support staff: Roving, scanning, supporting attention, asking open questions

Module 10 Ants027C M10 1 Get Started
Students learn best when they feel accepted, when they enjoy positive relationships with their fellow students and teachers, and when they are able to be active, visible members of their community

— The New Zealand Curriculum, 2007, p. 34

Excessive help and support [deprives] students of the opportunity to think for themselves. It stops them having to work through difficulties or solve problems. The tacit message is that there will always be someone else there to do it for them.

Module 10 Csp1038 M10 Spare

Key principles — the big ideas in this module

  • An inclusive classroom enables and values the contributions of all learners. It is an environment in which all students are actively engaged in the learning.
  • As students deepen their engagement in learning, they feel increased ownership of their learning and become more active participants in the classroom.
  • Teacher aides are most effective when they supplement high-quality teaching. To do this well, teachers first need to share their plan for the lesson with the teacher aide and model the teaching strategies that teacher aides should use.
  • Having a teacher aide (or aides) support the class while working in small groups or independently can free up the teacher to work with students who require extra help.
  • The strategies that teacher aides can use when supporting the whole class include scanning, roving, listening in and supporting attention. These strategies ensure that the teacher aide only provides support when students most need it, which in turn helps learning.

Learning outcomes for this module

This module is intended to support teachers and teacher aides to achieve four aims:

  1. Develop a shared understanding of how teacher aides can support student learning within a lesson while the teacher works with students who need extra help.
  2. Identify and discuss:
    1. ways the teacher can support the teacher aide to be an effective contributor to student learning
    2. strategies the teacher aide can use when working with the whole class to support student learning.
  3. Trial one new strategy for supporting all the students within a lesson.
  4. Reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy and modify it where necessary.