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6 Talk about how it went

Meet to talk about how the strategy from Step 4 went. Discuss and plan how you might adapt or modify your practice.

Questions to guide reflection

  • What did we try?
  • What happened when we did this?
  • How might we change our practice to make it more effective in future?
  • What have we learned about supporting the learning of all students?
  • What did we notice about student learning when the teacher shared their planning for a lesson and modelled strategies with the teacher aide?
  • What was the effect on learning of using a wider range of ways of working with the students?
Module 10 Csp1325 M10 Spare

Next steps

When thinking about what you might do next, consider the other topics in this series:

  • Teachers and teacher aides: Who does what?
  • Keeping our work confidential, professional and safe
  • Supporting students with complex needs
  • What do we think about disability and diversity?
  • Identifying students’ strengths
  • Students participating in their Individual Education Plans (IEP)
  • Understanding the New Zealand Curriculum
  • Fostering peer relationships
  • Creating inclusive classrooms
  • Teacher aide interaction that supports student learning
  • Being an effective reader-writer

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